Our story

It all began back in 2011, when the founder, Nudrat Anwer was blessed with her second daughter, with her background is design and family history with leather spanning 50+ years; She founded HYDESTYLE.LONDON


Over the years,  HYDESTYLE has built its reputation of quality by combining tradition, fashion and value. Throughout the range you will find classic lines with a fashion twist, produced with an attention to craftsmanship, exceeding the requirements of retailers throughout Europe and beyond. The brand uses small work forces (not large factories). Using traditional techniques and tools, all HYDESTYLE products are crafted by hand; we pride in ethical means of production and sourcing.

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 Contact: Nudrat Anwer | +44 (0) 7984399411 | info@hydestyle.co.uk


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    • Tip #1
      If leather gets too wet: Dry it slowly. Speed drying leather changes its chemical structure, and you end up with stiff crinkle cut chaos. So aim for room temperature drying with gentle air rather than direct heater time with a hair-dryer. And keep it in the shape you want it to end up, as leather will remember the shape it was when wet.
    • Tip #2
      If leather gets too dry: Rub something moist into it. Pick a light leather dressing or cream that is made from reasonably natural ingredients and doesn't have coloring in it.
    • Tip #3
      If leather gets dirty: Just use a damp cloth. You don't want to be putting any soaps or foreign substances in there.
    • Tip #4
      Leather stretches out, but not back: If you start to overfill a wallet, it will never really return to its former taut self. If you stretch a leather bag when wet or very humid, it will move even faster. Just learn to carry the right amount, and this takes care of itself.
    • Tip #5
      Don't wrap it in plastic, as your leather needs to breathe. What you're really trying to stop is any mildew growth, so keep some ventilation going.
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